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Teresa Weller, a leading hair stylist and wedding hair specialist with over 26 years of experience in the industry, recently gave an interview to Salon Business in which she explained that "Icy White shades have taken over from grey shades expected this winter." This new shade will be the first in our seasonal trend prediction series. Color 55 is definitely one of the solutions you can offer to your customers who are interested in making a transition to a more luxurious color in preparation for the forthcoming season. So, along with recommending Color 55, consider integrating the power of apps into your salon services to offer a comprehensive and technologically advanced approach to hairstyling.

Trends in Hair Color that You Definitely Ought to Try this coming Summer

Make room in your closet for sundresses by trading in your sweaters now, because you won't have much longer to wait for summer. We have a lot of up-to-date suggestions for you, whether the change you have in mind is for a completely different color of hair dye or something smaller and more understated. Explore our top picks for summer hair colors 2021, which range from soft babylights to bold blue denim, as these summer hair color trends are only getting hotter. Check out our list of the top 30 hair color trends for the summer.

Pink Hair Dye Hacks

bursting with big pink energy – there's a good reason why pink tones are so popular! Make a pink shade using a pastel hue for the spring, and a shade of pink that is deep and rich for the winter. Pinks are so adaptable that there is a shade that can be developed to complement every complexion. The fact that it is also one of the shades that can be removed with the least amount of effort makes pink the ideal color for people who like to experiment with their appearance on a regular basis.

Most Inspiring Balayage Hair Color Trends to Watch for in 2023

When you look in the mirror year after year and see the same hair color staring back at you, it can become rather monotonous and boring. If you are looking to switch things up in the year ahead, we have some balayage hair color ideas that can serve as a source of inspiration and help you stay one step ahead of the fashion curve. On the other hand, getting your hair dyed in the same color over and over again can cause it to become lifeless and lose its sheen.

WGSN and Color Reveal the Upcoming Colors that will be Popular

Because our employees collaborate and share information about opinion leaders, social movements, influential events, and new brands from your regions, we are able to gain a truly global perspective on the factors that are influencing fashion trends. All of this research goes into our seasonal selection, which is chosen directly from the Color library, whose "collection" contains 3,500 different tones that are considered contemporary. The most important colors of the forecast are then put through extensive testing by specialists.

Hair Colors for Winter that Make You Feel Like It's Summer

No matter the time of year, altering the color of your hair is a quick and simple way to give yourself a completely new appearance. Although it requires more of a time investment than simply switching up your manicure, we can't get over how cozy and inviting these winter hair colors are. Switching from a neon to a natural color can help you feel more subdued and moody for the upcoming cooler weather. On the other hand, a daring shade can make you feel more daring and adventurous.

Including Advice on How to Style Your Hair?

To put hair color on one's head may sound like an exciting, fun, and fashionable activity; however, selecting the appropriate hairstyle and color is not as simple as it may sound. The vast majority of us continue to fantasize about a specific shade of hair color for women, and the fact that we are unable to locate an exact match can be incredibly frustrating and unpleasant.


This article covers various hair color trends and ideas for different seasons and occasions. It includes insights from industry experts, such as Teresa Weller, who predicts that icy white shades will replace grey shades in the upcoming winter. The article also provides recommendations for achieving popular summer hair colors, such as pink and denim blue, and offers advice on how to experiment with hair color while maintaining its health and shine. Additionally, the article highlights the importance of considering a suitable hairstyle that complements the chosen hair color. Finally, the article discusses how WGSN and Color collaborate to forecast upcoming fashion trends and offer insights into the most popular colors for the season.

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